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St. Oliver’s N.S. News

Posted by: St. Oliver's N.S. | August 30, 2012 Comments Off |

Everyone in St. Oliver’s N.S. has lots of fun as we learn in school.

Below you’ll find our blog with lots of pictures and news of what we have all been up to throughout the school year.



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Super Scientists in the Intel National Finals!

Posted by: St. Oliver's N.S. | January 30, 2015 Comments Off |

Everyone in St. Oliver’s would like to say a huge congratulations to the two Rang 5 boys who made it to the national finals of Intel Mini-Scientist. They worked very hard on their project ‘Generate Our Own Natural Energy’. Back in October a judge from Intel came to judge all of the class projects in Rang 5&6. The boys came 1st and so progressed to the regional finals in December. They came out on top at the regionals and made it to the national final last Friday. This is such a huge achievement! The boys did brilliantly and their project placed in the top 10! The future certainly looks bright for these super scientists! Have a look at some of their pictures.

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Green Schools

Posted by: St. Oliver's N.S. | January 29, 2015 Comments Off |

At St. Oliver’s NS we have started working towards our second Green Flag which is for the theme of Energy! Everyone is very excited about this project. It is a two year programme and we hope to be raising our second Green Flag at the end of it!

The Green Schools programme is based on 7 steps. These steps are outlined below;


Step 1: Green Schools Committee

The Green Schools Committee aims to direct and address all phases of the Green Schools Programme. It is the driving force of the programme and should ensure that all of the 7 steps are carried out.


Step 2: Environmental Review

The aim of the review is to identify the initial situation within the school regarding energy.


Step 3: Action Plan

The action plan aims to identify goals and provide a structured timetable for the reduction of the environmental impacts identified in the review.


Step 4: Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring your Green Schools programme will ensure that progress towards targets is checked, amendments made where necessary and success celebrated.


Step 5: Curriculum Work

The aim is to link the theme of Energy to the curriculum work going on in your school.


Step 6: Informing and Involving

To spread the Green Schools message throughout the whole school and the wider community through ongoing publicity and a ‘Day of Action’.


Step 7: Green Code

To state the objectives that demonstrate the school’s commitment to environmentally friendly actions.

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Junior Entrepreneur Programme ‘Dragon’s Den’

Posted by: St. Oliver's N.S. | January 28, 2015 Comments Off |

The pupils from Rang 5&6 are currently taking part in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme. Over the coming weeks we will be producing and selling our very own ‘Carlingford Soap’! The children worked extremely hard in preparing and pitching their product ideas to the dragons during our Dragon’s Den style meeting. A special thanks to our dragons Ms. Eileen, Ms. McPhillips and Patrick Williams for helping out and making the difficult decision. Take a look at our pictures.

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J. M. W. Turner

Posted by: St. Oliver's N.S. | January 23, 2015 Comments Off |

Our work on the artist J. M. W. Turner.

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Recording our Weather

Posted by: St. Oliver's N.S. | January 23, 2015 Comments Off |

Our Rain Gauge

Now we are hoping for some rain.

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Boy’s Corn Mhic an Ghirr Final in Knockbridge

Posted by: St. Oliver's N.S. | January 22, 2015 Comments Off |

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Hot Chocolate Snow Globes

Posted by: St. Oliver's N.S. | January 22, 2015 Comments Off |

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Science and Maths Excellence 2014/2015

Posted by: St. Oliver's N.S. | January 21, 2015 Comments Off |

St. Oliver’s N.S. are hoping to achieve the Science and Maths Excellence Award for the 6th time this year. We are aiming for a Plaque of STEM Excellence so we have lots to to!

There are several steps that we have to successfully complete to attain this award again:

Step 1: Science

  • We will complete lots of hands-on science investigations from each of the Strands:
  1. Living Things
  2. Energy and Forces
  3. Materials
  4. Environmental Awareness and Care
  • We will invite a Science Speaker to our School
    (We have something exciting planned for this term!)

Step 2: Technology (ICT)

  • We love using ICT in St. Oliver’s and will have lots of examples of the children using ICT

Step 3: Engineering

  • We will have lots of fun making models during designing and making activities.
  • Engineering Week: 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes are going to an exciting Science Event in DKIT. Who Wants to be a Super Hero?

Step 4: Maths

  • We will use maths skills as part of our science activities.
  • We will go on maths trails around our school.

Step 5: STEM Showcase

5th and 6th class worked very hard in Term 1 on Intel Mini Scientist projects and had a science display in our school showcasing all their wonderful projects. We are also very proud of the pupils who made it to the National Finals of the competition.

It looks like it is going to be an exciting scientific year here in St. Oliver’s N.S!


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AM in Ireland is PM in Oz

Posted by: St Oliver's N.S. | January 15, 2015 Comments Off |

Senior Infants question the notion of AM in Ireland is PM in Oz via a morning/evening skype video call. A great question and answer session!


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Panto Trip- What a Treat!

Posted by: St Oliver's N.S. | January 15, 2015 Comments Off |

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