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Everyone in St. Oliver’s N.S. has lots of fun as we learn in school.

Below you’ll find our blog with lots of pictures and news of what we have all been up to throughout the school year. Use the menu above to find our more information about our school and our school community.


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School CLOSED Monday 16th Oct and Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

Please see DES press release!

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Weather Warnings for Monday 16th Oct 2017

Department of Education’s guidelines published on severe weather warnings this is a PRECAUTIONARY notice to make you aware that Carlingford/Omeath areas are presently considered high orange weather status for severe winds! this means we are being vigilant, giving you all advanced notice that we MAY HAVE TO close or have a shortened day tomorrow in order to ensure H&S. Keep tuned for texts and updates! 

We will do our best in the interests of everyone’s health and safety and this is not a straight forward situation given our coastal location – while not yet Red Status predictions around this area are concerning!

We will keep up with information from the Department of Education and Skills and of course Met Éireann and let you know if we have to close for the day, have an early closure tomorrow or not make any changes!

We appreciate it is not easy to make arrangements for childcare at short notice and so we want to give you as much notice or warning as possible without alarming anyone! This is a very unique situation for the whole of Ireland.

Parents, you can also make your own decision as to the safety risks of travelling to and from school for you and your children and procedures advise that you too should give due consideration to your decision for your children at this time! 

Here is some information on Hurricane Ophelia both nationally and locally. 

Please take special care tomorrow whatever course of action needs to be followed! 

Kindest regards

Ms Eileen and Staff

Info independent a few hours ago:



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Problem Solving Together

5th/6th class used their knowledge of decimal numbers and money this week to solve problems from menus of local restaurants. They had great fun working together!

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Goal Jersey Day

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Dancing success!

A pupil in 6th class received a trophy for her fantastic hip-hop dancing skills. A great achievement! 

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Dental Visit!

Senior Infants, First class and Third class had the pleasure of inviting Joanne Redpath to our school to discuss the importance of oral hygiene. Joanne did a fantastic job of informing the children what to expect on a trip to the dentist. She also highlighted some food that are good for teeth and some that are not.  We had a look at some dental tools and some children got to dress up as dentists and dental assistants! We would like to say a big THANK YOU! to Joanne for making our next trip to the dentist a little easier!


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Creative Coding in St. Vincent’s Secondary School

4th, 5th and 6th classes had the wonderful opportunity to learn about coding in St. Vincent’s Secondary School in Dundalk. The amazing teachers and TYs very professionally gave the pupils the chance to learn the basics of scratch, coding with Sphero, Lego and Kajo robots and how to programme a BBC microbit.

4th class boys expressed how delighted they were to learn about the ‘serious stuff‘ when programming using a BBC microbit! 

What an exciting way to celebrate EU Coding Week!

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Handmade Hovercrafts

We learned how wonderful friction is and how it makes lots of things possible in our world (like walking without slipping!), however we also learned how it is necessary to reduce friction at times, for example, to make machinery run smoothly. While usually oil is used in the latter, air can also reduce the effect of friction. Therefore, pupils designed and made a CD Hovercraft that moved quicker and longer using air to reduce the friction between the CD and the table.

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Amazing Actors

We have had so much fun in September building on our drama skills. The pupils have really enjoyed role play during drama classes and have demonstrated wonderful improvisational skills while in the hot seat!

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Light and Colour

We had lots of time in September investigating light and colour in  4th and 5th.

We learned how light is divided into different colours and all pupils made a colour wheel during art and used it to show how if we spun it quick enough we could see the white light forming.

We also learned how light can be reflected using mirrors and how the angle of the mirrors directs the light in different directions.

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