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St. Oliver’s N.S. News

Posted by: St. Oliver's N.S. | August 30, 2012 Comments Off |

Everyone in St. Oliver’s N.S. has lots of fun as we learn in school.

Below you’ll find our blog with lots of pictures and news of what we have all been up to throughout the school year.



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Reach for the Stars!

Posted by: St. Oliver's N.S. | September 8, 2014 Comments Off |

We had great fun in 3rd and 4th last week creating paper rockets that were powered by our lungs. They all blasted very successfully into the air.

We had one rocket that soared over all the others… what a great design! Well done to the winner of this week’s challenge.

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Rising Start to the Year!

Posted by: St. Oliver's N.S. | August 29, 2014 Comments Off |

3rd and 4th enjoyed their first group challenge to build the highest tower using only paper.

They had lots of great ideas, some of which were effective, but all were fun!

The Challenge Champions were delighted when their superb team work and calm but determined approach resulted in a really tall and very stable structure.

It looks like it is going to be an exciting year!


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Back to School

Posted by: St Oliver's N.S. | August 24, 2014 Comments Off |

Back to school







 All pupils are back to school in St Oliver’s on Thursday 28th August 2014.

Starting at 8.50am sharp- gates will be opened at 8.40am to allow for the arrival of all our new Junior Infants.

Please ensure children attend school on time in their full school uniform- these are two central aims in St Oliver’s this year!

Junior Infants will finish at 12noon from Thursday 28th August 2014 until Friday 14th September 2014.

Junior Infants do not need a school bag- only a lunch box

We are all very excited to be starting back in our new classes for this year.

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Farewell and Good Luck to our Wonderful 6th Class Pupils

Posted by: St Oliver's N.S. | July 1, 2014 Comments Off |

photo (10)

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Celebration Day 2014

Posted by: St Oliver's N.S. | July 1, 2014 Comments Off |

photo (9)photo (8)

What a wonderful day hoisting our First Green Flag, First Blue Star Flag and our lovely new School Flag!

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Final Awards of the School Year

Posted by: St. Oliver's N.S. | July 1, 2014 Comments Off |

It has been a wonderful school year and it was concluded with the presentation of three special awards:

1) Perfect Attendance

2) Great Attendance

3) Special Award for Kindness


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On Top Of The World

Posted by: St. Oliver's N.S. | June 27, 2014 Comments Off |

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th made the most of the good weather by hiking up Slieve Foy again. Thanks to John McKevitt and Paddy Bell for their expert guidance!

What a wonderful way to end the school year!

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Perfect Puppets

Posted by: St. Oliver's N.S. | June 27, 2014 Comments Off |

5th and 6th really enjoyed making puppets out of clay and wooden sticks during the month of June.

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Fun in the sun and Team Teaching

Posted by: St. Oliver's N.S. | June 24, 2014 Comments Off |

Ms Rice’s Senior Infants / !st Class and Ms Mc Phillips’ Junior Infants enjoyed

Learning Through Play together as well as making good use of the lovely

weather. Have a look at our photographs.

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June Excellence Awards

Posted by: St. Oliver's N.S. | June 22, 2014 Comments Off |

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