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Everyone in St. Oliver’s N.S. has lots of fun as we learn in school.

Below you’ll find our blog with lots of pictures and news of what we have all been up to throughout the school year. Use the menu above to find our more information about our school and our school community.


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Third and Fourth used some excellent teamwork skills this week to construct a free standing tower using very few materials. Each group had just 20 spaghetti sticks, a length of string and a piece of sellotape to create a tower which would support a marshmallow and still stay standing.

With just 18 minutes to complete the task, the groups worked very well together to try and create a tower.

With just seconds to go there were only two towers standing, however at the end just one tower remained and it measured 26cm.

Well done to all the groups, they worked so well together and had great fun. 


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Christmas Cards with our Unique Fingerprints

We revised primary colours and mixing to make secondary colours using our unique fingerprints to make beautiful Christmas cards for our loved ones. 

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St Oliver’s Pupils Going for Gold- Leinster Minor Schools Swimming 2017

Leinster minor schools swimming competitions events took place last Saturday 7th Jan 2017.  St Oliver’s N.S. was represented again this year in the Minor Schools Swimming Events.
Well Done to all who participated in the events. Huge congratulations to Ciarán and Aoife McGoey on their achievements this year. Ciarán  received not only  a gold medal in the 8 year old 50m breaststroke but also a silver medal in  the 8 year old 50m freestyle. What an amazing achievement!!! 
Congratulation Aoife: Fantastic work by Aoife McGoey who qualified in both races (50m backstroke and 100m individual medley) for the Irish minor schools championships on the 12th of February. Wishing these SUPER SWIMMERS all the best of luck in all future events this year. 
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St Oliver’s Christmas Appeal for local St Vincent de Paul

This year in order to make children aware of the needs of others at this expensive time, we are having a St Oliver’s Christmas Appeal for our  local St Vincent de Paul. We can help in a small way together to make a big difference to someone’s life this Christmas.

There will be a collection of non-perishable food parcels or Christmas gifts for St Vincent de Paul in our school over the next 3 days only. This could include soft drinks, tinned fruit, veg, soup packets, shower gel,hand soap, shampoo, cleaning products, washing up liquid etc.- or gifts that have been unopened or bought for this purpose. We are basically collecting things you would like to have in your own home this Christmas.

Right now there are people in the Carlingford/Omeath Parish and the surrounding parishes in crisis, they need food, home essentials and heat and they need it NOW!

Please leave your contributions under the crib in our school foyer by Wednesday 21st Dec in order for us to get it organised and handed over on Thursday to SVP.

PLEASE TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN and encourage them if they can spend a little of their pocket money in this way thus they will experience GIVING and receiving this Christmas.

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We have 1 reported case of MUMPS in Junior Infants in our school which is highly contagious. Please familiarize yourselves with the symptoms and actions needed. 

Mumps causes fever and swelling of the salivary glands,
particularly just in front of and below the ear. It may
affect other organs such as the testes. Mumps can be
spread by droplets from the nose and throat and by
saliva. Prevention is by encouraging parents to ensure
their children are vaccinated.
Precautions: Pupils should be appropriately immunised
with two doses of the MMR vaccine. If a case occurs
contact should be made with your local Department
of Public Health who may advise contacting parents
of pupils in the same class as the case to recommend
vaccination of pupils who have not received two doses of
the MMR vaccine. If there is evidence of spread of mumps
within the school your local Department of Public Health
may recommend more widespread action. All staff
working in schools should ensure they are protected
against mumps, either by vaccination or a history of
mumps infection.
Frequent hand washing especially after contact with
secretions from the nose or throat is important.
Exclusion: The case (staff or pupil) should be excluded
for 5 days after the onset of swelling.
Resources: Useful information on mumps can be found

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Crafty Constructions

When learning about the Celts, Third and Fourth class were inspired by their creativity. The Celts had to make houses and boats from materials they found in the environment and we decided to do the same. 

Firstly we made plans of how we wanted our boats to look. Then we gathered lots of different recyclable materials from home. Next we constructed our boats. After that we painted our creations. Finally we showed our work to the other classes. 

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World War 2 Projects

5th and 6th class were working hard this month learning all about World War 2. They created projects of various topics connected to World War 2 as their homework. All the pupils brought in their projects to school and presented them to their own class, pupils in other classes and staff members. A massive well done to all the 5th and 6th pupils for their high standard of work.

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November News

November has been another eventful month in St. Oliver’s N.S. One of the highlights was the presentation of the penal cross to our school. We celebrated with a beautiful prayer service and hung the penal cross in our Foyer to all to admire.

3rd and 4th class informed our whole school about the importance of ‘Responsibility’ using drama and song. 

Finally, some more of our excellent pupils were presented with awards for their wonderful behaviour and attitude in our school.

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Surprising Static Electricity

During November we celebrated Science Week by learning about Static Electricity. We discovered that static electricity causes very surprising effects!

Although most of us knew that charged balloons could have hair raising effects, most of us were shocked to discover that they could actually lift paper, rice crispies and even tin foil! We even proved that charged balloons repel each other by pushing away from each other.

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Our Communities

We have been learning about all the different communities that we contribute to and our responsibilities in each. We worked in groups to create posters for each of these communities: Our families, our village, our friends, and our world.

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