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Everyone in St. Oliver’s N.S. has lots of fun as we learn in school.

Below you’ll find our blog with lots of pictures and news of what we have all been up to throughout the school year. Use the menu above to find our more information about our school and our school community.


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Meet our Active Flag Committee

We are pleased to introduce our Active Flag Committee. The Committee are working very hard at the moment.

  • They are our playground leaders who encourage other children to move around and play at break times.
  • They also encourage children to ‘Do their talking as they are walking!’ 
  • They have organised a non-competitive running initiative which is currently taking place. The Committee are recording how far the children in each class can run during one break time a week over a distance they have measured and we are going to find out if we can run enough kilometers to Dundalk or perhaps London!
  • They are preparing a noticeboard including a suggestion box for Active School Week activities. So please put your ideas in the suggestion box.
  • They have come up with  a number of Active School Slogans and they carried out a survey.  The most popular slogan with all the students in St. Oliver’s is:

‘Don’t Delay, Get out and Play’. 

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Playground Heaven for Activity and Relaxation

We have been working very hard both in school and out in the yard, promoting ways of introducing our children to good physical, emotional and mental health through our SPHE curriculum and most naturally through our everyday interactions with each other.

All staff and pupils play a huge role in making our Health Promoting and Active School so great.  Of course this would not be possible without our wonderful parents and PA,  who helped to coordinate with the principal and staff our school grounds. Thanks to all those who helped to create this ever developing and energizing outdoor learning and socialising space. This is the work of many people over the last few years, the playground created 2 years ago by the parents and today continues to be maintained by many more of the  old and new parents and pupils.

We love our new playground stencils and buddy bench and the playground looks so good with all the new plants and flowers planted by the pupils, teachers and parents in Term 2.

Thank you to the parents who worked so hard over the Easter Holidays doing the ground work for our return. A special word of appreciation to Donna Gallagher our PA chairperson who coordinated the whole process during the break!


Thank you!

We love love love it!

Our New Playground Stencils:

Our NEW Buddy Bench:

Buddy Bench Ireland is a school-based positive mental health initative that promotes emotional resilience, release the stigma of asking for help, celebrate the children who act with compassion, kindness empathy and encourage them in developing conflict-management skills, thus relieving anxiety, stress and feelings of isolation.

Buddy Bench Rules

The Buddy Bench IS:

  • A very special place that reminds you to be your kindest self.
  • A place to sit and decide what looks interesting for you to play on the playground.
  • A place to include people in your play and make new friends.
  • A place to say “YES!” to friends who ask you to play. 

The Buddy Bench is NOT: 

  • A place to hang out and play with friends you already have.
  • A place where you say “NO!” to a friend who invites you to play. 
  • A place where being mean or hurtful is OK. 
  • A place where excluding others is OK. 


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Cooley Credit Union Races 2017

Cooley Credit Union Races 2017

Thursday 27th April 2017 at 6.30pm sharp

Glenmore Track at Bush School

Sprints 1st-6th Class, Pre-School & Infants Sprints, 600m 4th,5th,6th Class

Turbo Javelin 1st,2nd,3rd Class, Longjump 5th & 6th Class

(only one event per student)

Your School can be a Winner by taking part!

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Mindfulness Practice for pupils to continue at home with Parents-

Mindfulness Techniques from ‘Paws.b’
The 6 themes are as follows:
1. Brain Training – this is the neuro-scientific part of the programme where the children learn about 4 main areas of the brain & what they do & how they can be developed through mindfulness.
2. Puppy Training – teaches how the mind is like a puppy – it constantly wanders/doesn’t stay still & brings back thoughts we didn’t ask for.
3. Finding a Steady Place – about how we sometimes ‘wobble’ emotionally & 
techniques that we can use to help us when this happens.
4. Dealing with Difficulty – about how we ‘react’ in difficult situations because of our ‘Amygdalae’ – the part of the brain responsible for our fight, flight or freeze reaction. Mindfulness can train you to ‘pause’ in a trigger moment & let you chose how to respond rather than react. A snow globe/glitter ball is used here to demonstrate how different emotions can make us feel ‘all stirred up’ but we can use our Paws.b (Meditations) in these times to help calm and settle our minds, so we can see things clearly. The children learn how important it is to look after themselves and treat themselves the way they would a good friend.
5. The Story-Telling Mind – how it is our ‘thoughts’ that actually control our mood – how we perceive a situation and make assumptions. One little thought can easily snow-ball into a big worry, so we need to ask ourselves if our thoughts are telling us the truth.
6. Growing Happiness – all about how happiness is contagious & how gratitude and kindness can enhance your own happiness. Children learn that Mindfulness practice – awareness of your body and mind, and practicing their ‘Paws.b’ (pause be) meditations can help change the structure and functions of the brain – train the brain to become more present. Awareness of the body and mind leads to self-care/self-nurturing. The children also learned the ‘Loving Kindness Meditation’ which instills compassion for oneself and others. Practicing the Paws.b meditations daily (regardless of how we are feeling) will work on making the very beneficial changes to the brain, and practicing the Paws.b in times where we feel ‘stirred-up’ or if we are having a ‘wobble’ will help to calm our minds and bodies so we can skillfully deal with challenges. 

Our facilitator would encourage parents to ask the children to ‘teach’ them the meditations and if the child is happy to do so, then practicing together an be helful. If you notice your child is wound-up, or is in a state of high emotion – remind them what they are having is a ‘wobble’ & we all wobble sometimes. Remind them that their ‘Paws.b’ could be of benefit here. 
There is no discipline attached to mindfulness practice so a child is never forced to do a practice – they can be reminded it is there for them to use. 
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Congratulations to all the children who took part again today. You were fantastic and all in St Oliver’s are so proud of your amazing singing and wonderful positive attitude. What a musical TEAM! We are back to school with yet another trophy!






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Easter Cooking


To Celebrate Easter, the pupils in 5th/6th class made delicious pancakes and decorated them with fruit so that they looked like Easter bunnies. We had a great morning cooking together.

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March Assembly

Senior Infants presented on Freedom during our March Assembly.

Our school choir treated us to another wonderful performance during Assembly.

Finally, some of our fantastic pupils were presented with Excellence Awards for their outstanding behaviour and attitude during the month.

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2 Fabulous Feis Wins

Congratulations to all the members of the St Oliver’s Fun Choir- the choir by choice . All the children performed with such amazing enthusiasm and  energy in both competitions today that they came 1st place in both “The Action Song” and “Fireside Singing”. Their behaviour, presentation and manners were outstanding and highly complemented by audience members and the adjudicator. A proud moment for the children and teachers involved.  Well Done to All!

We just love to sing and perform for fun. Please read our wonderful feis reports.





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Great Growing!

It has been over two weeks since all the pupils started their planting. Since then, some of the items that were planted have been in the classrooms. Pupils have carried out great work making sure they were watered and taken care off.

Today, the plants were ready to be transferred outside. As you can see from the photos, there is great progress and growth already. The pupils are very excited and proud of their planting.

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