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Everyone in St. Oliver’s N.S. has lots of fun as we learn in school.

Below you’ll find our blog with lots of pictures and news of what we have all been up to throughout the school year. Use the menu above to find our more information about our school and our school community.


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Green Flag Award Ceremony

On Tuesday 24th May we traveled to The Helix, DCU, Dublin for the Green Flag award ceremony. We had a fantastic day. When we arrived we registered our school and got some photos taken. Then we had our lunch and sat outside in the sun. When the ceremony was about to commence we went into The Helix and took our seats. We watched as each school was presented with their flag. We were just delighted to finally get our hands on our second Green Flag! We also got a certificate, a goody bag and a handbook for the next theme in the programme. Take a look at our pictures!


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Green fingers in Senior Infants

After all the planting and sowing last month in Senior Infants, our fruit and vegetables are beginning to grow. There is a lot of excitement as each day more and more seems to be growing.

We wait in anticipation….

Have a look at the photos to see the progress so far.


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Super Swimmers

CiaranLeinsterSchCongratulations to Aoife, Diarmuid and Ciarán who represented St Oliver’s yesterday at the Leinster swimming schools B Championships in Kilkenny.  Aoife, Diarmuid and Ciarán all swam brilliantly in their races.

  • Aoife swam in the 10’s 50m freestyle and 10’s 50m breaststroke.
  • Diarmuid swam in the 9’s 25m freestyle and 9’s 25m breaststroke
  • Ciarán swam in the 7’s 25m freestyle and 7’s 25m breaststroke and won both events, taking home two gold medals for St.Olivers!

We would like to encourage all the children in our school to become involved in swimming and sports of interest to them.

 If there are others in our school interested in attending such events  and representing our school next year and in the future, please contact Ms Eileen. 

We wish all our sportspeople heading off to the Community Games  and other Sporting Events this summer a great big “GOOD LUCK” from all at St Oliver’s N.S.- we are very proud of all  our pupils and those taking a strong interest in various hobbies! Keep up the good work!

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Butterflies Flying Free!

Ms. McCarragher brought some lovely little visitors to our junior infant classroom a few weeks ago – four little caterpillars! We watched as they grew bigger and bigger and made their cocoons, and today we got to say goodbye to our little friends. They came out of their cocoons and turned into beautiful butterflies! We went outside and said goodbye to each butterfly as they flew away. We hope that they come back to our flowers to visit us! Take a look at our pictures.

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Louth Senior Men’s Division 4 Winner’s Trophy

Craig from the Louth Senior Men’s team paid us a visit today and brought with him the cup they recently won. He spoke to the children about the importance of working as a team and training regularly to achieve succcess. He inspired the children by suggesting anyone of them could be the next person to bring an All Ireland trophy back to St Oliver’s School!

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Credit Union Games 2016

Carlingford pupils performed brilliantly at the Credit Union Games this year and received 79 points in total to secure 3rd place! Lots of pupils came to both compete and support their friends. We also had a pupil win the 4th class writing competition this year.

Thank you to all the parents and pupils for going to support the school. It was a great evening!

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Tech Week 2016

To celebrate Tech Week, 4th, 5th and 6th class pupils played their newly developed Scratch Games and Quizzes with all the other classes in the school.

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The Official Opening of our New Eco Tribe Garden

Check out our ‘New Eco Tribe Garden’- opened today and developed by the Tidy Town’s Committee Carlingford, The Parents’ Association, St Oliver’s N.S 2nd Class pupils and teacher  in conjunction with Louth County Council.

Teacher and Pupils

Thank you to all those involved,  our 2nd class boys and girls- our King John’s Worts Tribe, a  particular Go Raibh Maith Agat to the class teacher Mrs Crossan and Declan Savage (Chairperson PA St Oliver’s N.S.) who together coordinated the project and today’s event.


A huge thank you also to all our wonderful parent and grandparent helpers who gave a helping hand over the last numbers of weeks, planting, giving talks and assisting with art work. A special thank you to Róisín Carroll for her insightful presentation in school on the use of herbs and plants.

Carlingford Tidy Town’s Committee

A huge thank you to Pam and Pauric from the Carlingford Tidy Town’s Committee who contributed significantly to this project.  This has proven to be a very worthwhile project  helping all our children in St Oliver’s N.S. understand the role they can play in the wider and local Carlingford Community in the future, while integrating so much learning across the curriculum in the process. Congratulations & Well Done to ALL.

Louth County Council

An extended thank you to Pamela from Louth County Council for coming to visit our school a number of time in preparation for today’s events and for her guidance throughout the project. Thank you for officially opening our lovely Eco Tribe Garden, that no doubt will prosper and flourish in the future.

Check out our photos below:

ecoT 001 ecoT 002 ecoT 003 ecoT 004 ecoT 005 ecoT 006 ecoT 008 ecoT 014 ecoT 016

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Healthy Lunchboxes

Congratulations to all the children in St. Oliver’s N.S. with the help of their parents for the healthy lunchboxes that come to school each day. Have a look at our photos to see the healthy food the children enjoy.

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Tech Week 2016

4th, 5th and 6th have learned computer programming this term and created a variety of maths quizzes and games using Scratch. To celebrate Tech Week in our school, they will be going around all the classes giving the pupils the opportunity to play our games.

Why don’t you have a go?! Click the link below to view and play all our games.


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