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Everyone in St. Oliver’s N.S. has lots of fun as we learn in school.

Below you’ll find our blog with lots of pictures and news of what we have all been up to throughout the school year. Use the menu above to find our more information about our school and our school community.


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SERIOUS serious head lice problem in school!


We have a serious case of ongoing head lice in our school. We understand this is every parent’s nightmare and we are trying to help and support parents  by providing information to help you to help us get this situation under control. But this time it will take ALL families to check ALL children/adults in your household.

This note is for all parents of children in EVERY CLASS in our school!

My Kid Has Lice! What Do I Do Now? The school year means your kid will be confined in a classroom with other kids all day. That’s right – a breeding ground for lice! If your kid has never had lice, it can be difficult to pinpoint it and get rid of it. Here are the facts about lice that you need to know.

What Are Lice? Lice are six-legged parasites, about the size of sesame seeds, that live on the human head. Nits are the eggs that females glue onto individual hair strands near the scalp and they are even harder to spot. Head to head contact is usually required for lice to spread because they do not have the ability to jump or fly. However, lice are known to spread and reproduce quickly. They feed off the human head, so they cannot survive without one. But, they do survive submersion in water, so you can’t just have your kid take a shower to get rid of them.

Is it Preventable? All you can do is teach your kid how to avoid getting lice. Make sure they do not share hats or hairbrushes with anyone. Additionally, have them avoid direct contact with someone who has lice. Remember that lice are not dangerous, nor are they signs of a child’s poor hygiene.

How Can I Tell if My Kid Has it? Only 1 in 3 people who have lice experience itchiness. If they are experiencing itchiness, it will most likely be more severe behind the ears or at the back of the neck. In the bathroom, use a thin-toothed comb to comb through a strand of hair several times, inspecting the comb after each stroke. Check for movement or nits, which are transparent when empty or black when they have not yet hatched.

What Should I Do if My Kid Gets it?Parent’s first reaction when they find out their kid has head lice is panic. But, panic is not proactive. Here are the steps you should take immediately.

  1. Once you’ve confirmed your kid has lice, you should treat the problem with anti-lice shampoo, if you see live lice in their hair. If you find nits further than 1 cm from your kid’s scalp, they may have already hatched or do not contain lice in them, indicating that it may not be a live infestation.
  2. Each night, inspect your child’s hair and remove any lice or nits you find. Wash all of your child’s clothing and bed sheets in hot water. If you want to avoid washing everything, at least put them in the dryer for about 20 minutes to kill the lice. Also, make sure to vacuum the house to remove lice from the carpet or furniture.
  3. To clean items, clothing, bedding and carpeting that has been in contact with the infestation 24 hours to 48 hours before treatment began. Anything that cannot be washed, like toys, should be placed in a plastic bag for a few weeks to starve the lice.

Final Steps

If your kid has lice, then it’s a good idea to check everyone in the household, including yourself. If the lice doesn’t go away after treatment, you should visit your doctor because he or she may prescribe a stronger lice medicine. Children can usually return to school after they have been treated with a lice shampoo, even if they still have nits. But you should continue to search and pick out the nits at home.

The HAIRFORCE: This company has also been highly recommended by a very concerned parent and if your child keeps catching head lice – maybe you would consider this serious action!!!!!image



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A Wonderful Whole School Evaluation April 2015-Report

Please Click on the Link to View Our Wonderful WSE:

Whole School Evaluation April 2015-Report

Congratulations to all who were involved during the actual inspection, pupils, teachers, staff, SNAs, parents and BOM members. I would also like to thank all teachers and staff who have worked with us  over the last 4 years. Many people have played an important role in our school and contributed to the curriculum and organisation  planning  and policy work which has been implemented   over the last few number of years . It is this teamwork that has led us to a wonderful report which highly compliments  the pupils’, parents’ and teachers’ work that takes place in St Oliver’s.   With the continued support of a wonderful staff, parents, our PA committee, the newly nominated BOM and our wider school community I  will strive with confidence as a teaching principal to lead the school forward.  As a staff  we aim for great things and keep the care of our pupils  and high expectations for them central in our work in St Oliver’s N.S. We are all here (Home/School) to work together in an inclusive environment for the betterment of the school and as educators to best facilitate the holistic education of  all our  individual pupils  in their learning and life! Many thanks to all for your continuous work and support.

Ms Eileen

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Senior Infants experiment during Science Week

We had lots of fun in Senior Infants during Science Week. We created volcanoes, made a tornado and used our eyes to make straws bend.

We really enjoyed it.

Check out our pictures.


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Golden Book Award Winner 1st Half Term 2015

Congratulation to all the children who were entered in to Golden Book by the staff for showing acts of kindness to others and for working hard to uphold the values of our school. Well Done to our overall winner.

photo (41)

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Science Week in Junior Infants

This Science Week Junior Infants have been learning all about the properties and characteristics of materials, and what better way to do that than with the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’! We learned about the different materials the pigs used to build their houses, and discussed the strength of each of these. We then made our own houses from straw, sticks and bricks. We pretended to be the Big Bad Wolf and huffed and puffed to try and blow our houses down. Have a look at our pictures!

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October Excellence Awards

Excellent pupils were rewarded for their hard work during our assembly in October.

4th, 5th and 6th also presented to the whole school on one of our values –  “Doing Your Best”.

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Team Hope Shoebox Appeal

Calling all of Santa’s little helpers. Team Hope needs YOU! 

This year we at St.Oliver’s national school have decided to take part in the Team Hope Shoebox appeal. This is a charity that helps to send Christmas presents to poor children in war torn countries. To support this charity we are asking if families could make up a shoebox with the items listed in the leaflet provided in the link below.

This is the perfect opportunity to give any unwanted (but clean and unbroken) toys a new home. If you could make up a colourful shoebox and deliver it to Ms. Higgins classroom by Friday November 6th it would be a great help. If you are unable to make a shoebox but have a few fillers for the boxes such as teddies, toys, hats, scarves, sweets or stationary we will take these as well. All donations are welcome!

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Spooky Symmetrical Skeletons

To celebrate Halloween 3rd and 4th class created some brilliant Spooky symmetrical skeletons. These were made by simply using their own names. If you would like to make your own spooky skeleton here is how we made them;


Step 1; Fold a page in half and write your name in joined bubble writing, making sure the fold of the page is underneath your name.

Step 2; Cut out your name and open up the page. You should now have your name and a mirror image of it too.

Step 3; Design a head, arms and legs to match

Step 4; Glue everything onto a large black page.

We had lots of fun making our skeletons you can check out the rest of our skeletons below!

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Promote Well-being and Prevent Bullying Project

The pupils in 4th, 5th and 6th got the opportunity to get creative with technology while completing an SPHE project on Well-being and Bullying.

In groups the pupils wrote scripts and made radio ads raising awareness of Bullying. They used Audacity to complete this task and downloaded their music and special effects from

They then got an opportunity to create an animated poster for promoting wellbeing using JellyCam and a whiteboard.

Both these applications were new to all pupils and they relished the challenge and produced great projects, while learning a huge amount about the technology and collaborative learning on the way! Listen to our Radio Ads and watch our videos on our class learning log.

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Decorating a witch’s hat

In Senior Infants we were getting in the mood for Halloween by decorating a witch’s / wizard’s hat.

The Children really enjoyed decorating and eating them!

Have a look at our photographs.

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