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Everyone in St. Oliver’s N.S. has lots of fun as we learn in school.

Below you’ll find our blog with lots of pictures and news of what we have all been up to throughout the school year. Use the menu above to find our more information about our school and our school community.


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Super Swimmer to Represent St Oliver’s at National Level in Feb 2018

Congratulations to Ciarán McGoey who came in 4th place in both

events yesterday in the Leinster Minor Schools Championships.

  • Event # 2  Boys 50m Freestyle           Time 43.53 seconds 
  • Event # 6 Boys 50m Breaststroke         Time 59.94 seconds

Ciarán achieved Irish Minor qualifying times in both events which means he will go on to represent St.Oliver’s N.S. at National Level on Sunday 11th February 2018

Very impressive achievements by Ciarán getting personal bests in both events dropping 6 seconds in the 50m Breaststroke and 1 second in 50m Freestyle.

We are all very proud of you at St Oliver’s- WELL DONE from Ms Eileen, Staff , Pupils and Parents!


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Recycling Water

We are getting great use out of our water butt. This week, we were able to use it to wash our art equipment. The children are making a great effort to not waste any water at St. Olivers! 

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World Record Attempt – Register NOW!!


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Thanks from the PA for your support last year! Looking forward to your continued support this year!

Dear Parents,

As you know, St. Oliver’s Parents’ Association sets out to support our school and raise money each year for the purpose of providing an additional source of funding for our school and educational activities.  The per child funding from the Government is still below what it used to be and therefore the need for and impact of the money raised by parents is greater than ever before. 

Last year, the money raised helped to:

  • upgrade the school yard
  • cover the cost of some extracurricular activities
  • greatly reduce the cost of swim lessons
  • subsidize school trips
  • buy treats for pupils throughout the year- Halloween, Christmas, even Ice-Lollipops 
  • buy extra English books for guided reading throughout the school
  • buy Literacy Learning Games for Infants to 2nd class
  • subsidize the purchasing of extra special needs teaching equipment  
  • upgrade some ICT equipment 
  • buses to sporting, music and other educational events
  • subsidise Lego Workshop
  • subsidise Guest Speakers and Anti-Bullying Workshops
  • help with Catering for Communion, Confirmation, Parent Evenings

Fund raising is not always easy, but aside from the money it has a hugely beneficial side-effect of bringing the community together. We are sure that everyone who took part in the various events enjoyed themselves along the way too.   Just think about the enjoyment had by all at the Christmas Concert, The Cake Sales, The Murder Mystery Night, The Summer Song Concert, The Summer Fair with Football for All- what Super Duper Events- Not to mention the recent Painting of the Front of the School- it was great fun and much appreciated- cheering up parents, pupils, staff and the building itself!

As we set out again this year, be absolutely certain that all of the money will go towards helping to improve the overall school experience for our children.   Of course, we have a choice.  We can decide not to fund raise.  But, if we as parents don’t do it, then there is no-one else who will, and so we forego all of the extras.

Your continued support, both in volunteering to help at the various events and in financial terms (and we always try to give something back – raffles, entertainment, stale cakes ;-), is very important and much appreciated.  We try to spread the load throughout the year and we try to be inventive.  Of course, the more support we can get, the less times we will have to ask for it!

Please continue to support us in whatever way that you can.  We always need volunteers, and we always need people to show up and give a little time, effort and support.  Ultimately, whatever we put in as parents we hope to get back out again with happy and engaged children, with positive and lasting memories of primary school.

Just look at our wonderful school -St Oliver’s and the fabulous learning opportunity constantly afforded to all our children- check out the website and see all the fantastic work going on inside and outside the school.  A lot of that is up to us in helping support teachers and pupils in their teaching and learning with the right resources. 

Best wishes and thanks in anticipation,


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Talk at Bush Post Primary School

Parents are invited to Bush Post Primary School on Tuesday, 24th October at 7pm for a special talk from psychotherapist and best-selling author of ‘Bully Proof Kids’.

The talk will explore ways of encouraging confidence, resilience and coping skills in our young children. All parents are welcomed to attend. This talk is in connection to Anti bullying and Friendship week.

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Halloween is Coming !!! Lots of Fun Events Ahead Next Week

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Senses in JI and SI

We have been learning about ourselves and in particular our senses.

We used our senses to investigate fruits and vegetables. Have a look at our photos.

We really enjoyed the lesson.

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School CLOSED Monday 16th Oct and Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

Please see DES press release!

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Weather Warnings for Monday 16th Oct 2017

Department of Education’s guidelines published on severe weather warnings this is a PRECAUTIONARY notice to make you aware that Carlingford/Omeath areas are presently considered high orange weather status for severe winds! this means we are being vigilant, giving you all advanced notice that we MAY HAVE TO close or have a shortened day tomorrow in order to ensure H&S. Keep tuned for texts and updates! 

We will do our best in the interests of everyone’s health and safety and this is not a straight forward situation given our coastal location – while not yet Red Status predictions around this area are concerning!

We will keep up with information from the Department of Education and Skills and of course Met Éireann and let you know if we have to close for the day, have an early closure tomorrow or not make any changes!

We appreciate it is not easy to make arrangements for childcare at short notice and so we want to give you as much notice or warning as possible without alarming anyone! This is a very unique situation for the whole of Ireland.

Parents, you can also make your own decision as to the safety risks of travelling to and from school for you and your children and procedures advise that you too should give due consideration to your decision for your children at this time! 

Here is some information on Hurricane Ophelia both nationally and locally. 

Please take special care tomorrow whatever course of action needs to be followed! 

Kindest regards

Ms Eileen and Staff

Info independent a few hours ago:



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Problem Solving Together

5th/6th class used their knowledge of decimal numbers and money this week to solve problems from menus of local restaurants. They had great fun working together!

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