STEM Excellence 2015-2016

St. Oliver’s N.S. are hoping to achieve the Discover Science and Maths Plaque of STEM Excellence for the 7th time this year.

There are several steps that we have successfully completed to attain this award again:

Step 1: Science

Below are only some of the hands-on science investigations from the four strands that we have completed throughout the year in St. Oliver’s N.S.

Living things

Energy and Forces


Environmental Awareness and Care


Step 2: Technology (ICT)

We have lots of examples of the children using ICT to enhance their learning in St. Oliver’s. Below are a few of them.

Step 3: Engineering

In all classes, pupils have had great fun this year designing and making and working like Engineers.

We also hosted our first ever full school science show during Engineering Week

Step 4: Maths

We have lots of examples in our school where our pupils use maths skills as part of their Science work. Below are some of them.

Step 5: STEM Showcase

We hosted our first ever whole school Science Show during Engineering Week this year, where all pupils from all classes on our school demonstrated all the wonderful science and engineering activities that they have explored this year.

Another busy and productive year learning all about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in St. Oliver’s N.S.