Xperience Engineering-Tidal Turbines

St. Oliver’s N.S. participated in Engineers Ireland STEPS Programme, Xperience Engineering Project 2011.

The challenge was to explore an engineering feat or invention in the local community which has a link to water or environmental engineering by completing a wide range of related cross curricular activities.

The class chose to investigate the innovative technology of Tidal Turbines, focusing particularly on the work of OpenHydro, whose technical centre is located locally in Greenore, Co. Louth.

We completed all the necessary and bonus steps in the Xperience Engineering Project.

Click on the links to find out what we did and look at pictures and videos we took at each step.

We had lots of fun doing this project and learned so much about engineering and renewable energy.

Step 1 – Choosing the Invention

Step 2 – Draw the Invention

Step 3 – Project Timeline and Evaluation

Step 4 – Bonus Points