Whole School Evaluation

Please Click on the Link to View Our Wonderful WSE and Follow-Through Inspection Reports:

Whole School Evaluation April 2015-Report

Follow-through Inspection Oct 2016- Report

Congratulations to all who were involved during the actual inspection, pupils, teachers, staff, SNAs, parents and BOM members. I would also like to thank all teachers and staff who have worked with us  over the last 4 years. Many people have played an important role in our school and contributed to the curriculum and organisation  planning  and policy work which has been implemented   over the last few number of years . It is this teamwork that has led us to a wonderful report which highly compliments  the pupils’, parents’ and teachers’ work that takes place in St Oliver’s.   With the continued support of a wonderful staff, parents, our PA committee, the newly nominated BOM and our wider school community I  will strive with confidence as a teaching principal to lead the school forward.  As a staff  we aim for great things and keep the care of our pupils  and high expectations for them central in our work in St Oliver’s N.S. We are all here (Home/School) to work together in an inclusive environment for the betterment of the school and as educators to best facilitate the holistic education of  all our  individual pupils  in their learning and life! Many thanks to all for your continuous work and support.

Ms Eileen