Christmas Nativity 2017-Baubles!

This sparkly children’s nativity weaves the traditional Christmas story through a contemporary primary school setting. With funny, fresh songs and a quirky cast of characters, Baubles! is the perfect musical ornament to adorn your Christmas celebrations, lighting up for the festive season!

1 Christmas Time Is Here (Vocal).mp3           

 1 Christmas Time Is Here (Lyrics)

2 Caretaker’s Song (Vocal). mp3

2. Caretaker’s Song (Lyrics)

3 This Place Is Jumping (Vocal).mp3

3 This Place Is Jumping  (Lyrics)

4 Follow A Shining Star (Vocal).mp3

4 Follow A Shining Star (Lyrics)

5 I’d Rather Have A Bale Of Hay (Vocal).mp3

5 I’d Rather Have A Bale Of Hay  (Lyrics)

6 Stop That Knocking! (Vocal).mp3

6 Stop That Knocking! (Lyrics)

7 Deep-A-Sleepy Sheep (Vocal).mp3

7 Deep-A-Sleepy Sheep (Lyrics)

8 Ring Out Those Bells (Vocal).mp3

8 Ring Out Those Bells (Lyrics)