Green Schools-Water

‘Working together for a sustainable future’

Green-Schools is Ireland’s leading environmental management and education programme for schools.

The third theme of the Green-Schools programme that we are completing is ‘Water’. Our aim is to develop awareness around water conservation and manage effectively our usage in school and in our local community. 

Green Schools Committee 2016-2018


 1st-6th Class Pupils

Environmental Review

Home survey

Action Plan

Monitoring and Evaluating 

  • We regularly get feedback from each class and share this in our committee meetings
  • We analyse each water bill and ensure we are making reductions in our usage
  • The pupils and staff are more aware of how to conserve water
  • We regularly use our water butt at our school.

Curriculum Work 

Involving and Informing

  • Pupils visit classes regularly to update everyone
  • The Green Schools notice board is updated regularly 
  • Posts on our school website
  • Day of Action-Water
  • The school intercom
  • Notes/texts sent home to families

Green Code

Our school motto for conserving water-

‘Don’t let the water do down the drain, join us on the saving train, saving water, saves our future’