Science and Maths Excellence 2014/2015

AoSME 2015,  St Oliver’s National School, LH007

St. Oliver’s N.S. are hoping to achieve the Science and Maths Excellence Award for the 6th time this year. We are aiming for a Plaque of STEM Excellence so we completed lots of Science activities this year!

There are several steps that we have completed with the aim of attaining this award again:

Step 1: Science

  • We completed lots of hands-on science investigations from each of the Strands:

Living Things
Senior Infants Flower Investigations
3rd and 4th Animal Habitats
2nd Class Mini-Beast Hunt

Energy and Forces
5th and 6th Mirror Investigations
3rd and 4th Design and Make Musical Instruments
1st Investigate Static Electricity
3rd and 4th Design and Make Lighthouses
3rd and 4th Experiment with Electric Circuits/
3rd and 4th Explore the Uses of Pulleys
2nd Make Sun Glass using Translucent, Transparent and Opaque Materials
3rd and 4th Investigate Shadows

5th and 6th Making Soap Enterprise
Junior Infants Chromatography
5th and 6th Separate Salt and Water
2nd Make Hot Chocolate

Environmental Awareness and Care
Green School Activities on Energy
2nd Weather Investigations
Energy Conservation Posters

Step 2: Technology (ICT)

Step 3: Engineering

Step 4: Maths

Step 5: STEM Showcase

5th and 6th class worked very hard in Term 1 on Intel Mini Scientist projects and had a science display in our school showcasing all their wonderful projects. We are also very proud of the pupils who made it to the National Finals of the competition.
Mini-Scientist Finalists

Intel Mini-Scientists

It was certainly another exciting scientific year here in St. Oliver’s N.S!