Science and Maths Excellence 2013/2014

St. Oliver’s N.S. are hoping to achieve the Science and Maths Excellence Award for the 5th time this year.

There are several steps that we have successfully completed to attain this award again:

Step 1: Greenwave and Maths

We have registered on and recorded our observations of spring and weather. We have had the opportunity to use a thermometer to investigate our weather. We created charts showing our observations.  Greenwave

Step 2: Prescribed Activities and Maths

We completed investigations based on the Energy and Forces and Materials strands and used our maths skills along the way.

Electronic Circuits – Parallel Versus In-Series

What Factors Determine the Effectiveness of Parachute Designs?

Magnetic Movement

Light and Shadows – Measuring Fun!

Step 3: Science Speaker in our School

The whole school learned about the new Wildlife Sanctuary in Carlingford from our expert guest speaker, Pat Atkins, who took along a hedgehog. Read all about the sanctuary and view the pictures here:

Step 4: Attend or Hold a Science Event

Rocks Workshop: 3rd and 4th Class participated in an interesting interactive workshop on Rocks in our Locality

Engineering Week: 5th and 6th class attended an exciting engineering presentation in DKIT

School Intel Mini Scientists

Intel Mini-Scientist Exhibition

Step 5: Technology

This is a new step this year which everyone in St. Oliver’s N.S. is excited about. We love using technology and are so lucky to have an interactive whiteboard in each classroom and a full set of laptops which we all share. Having already completed projects using Scratch Programming last year, we are really looking forward to participating in Irish Computer Society Scratch programme this year. 3rd and 4th class got the opportunity this year to learn all about Scratch.

Working from Scratch!


Other Scientific Investigations in Our School this year!

Design and Making Rockets

Pin Wheels

Electronic Engineers

Marvellous Materials

Magnetic Investigations


Growing Flowers

Maths Eyes during Maths Week

Patterns in Nature

Sorting and Matching activities


2D Shape Fun

First Flight Wind Workshop

Investigating Wind

Tree and Chilli Growing

Junior Infants Maths and Science Activities


It was another exciting scientific year!