Student Council

Student Council

Hello and WELCOME  to the Student Council part of our school website!

Who are the student council?

Teachers and Members of the Student Body are selected through a fair process from the staff and from Third- Sixth Classes. There is  one boy and one girl from each of these classes.  All pupils are represented by these members of the council.



Co-Chairpersons: Ms Eileen and  TBC

Co-Deputy Chairpersons: Ms McPhillips and TBC

Co-Secretaries: TBC

Junior Liaison Officers: TBC

PR Team 1: TBC

PR Team 2: TBC

What we do?

The Student Council is a  hardworking team of people in our school. We think up ideas for our school. Please let the student council know if you have any ideas for us to work on. In St. Oliver’s the students have a great say in what happens in school life. You can help to be a part of what we do!

Overall Aim:

It is intended that the Student Council will been instrumental in the many exciting and positive changes that (will) take place in our school. We, in St Oliver’s N.S., are very proud of the role played by our students in developing our school and believe that we achieve a more pleasant and vibrant learning environment as a result.

Role of the Student Council is to:

  • Provide an opportunity for pupils to voice their opinions and offer suggestions in relation to many aspects of school life.
  • Discuss, encourage and promote initiatives from the pupils.
  • Offer an opportunity for all pupils to voice their opinions on proposed changes and thereby play a very significant role in improving our school.
  • Act as a channel of communication within the school organisation both between pupils and between home and school.
  • Encourage pupils, and thereby their parents, to organise events central to the life of the school.
  • Provide an opportunity to raise funds for charities or for our School Fund.
  • One main task for the Students’ Council is to monitor and report on any bullying that is being missed by the teachers. If anyone thinks they are being treated badly or being picked on they should report to his/her Students’ Council representative.
  • The Students’ Council members will keep in touch with their classes via the suggestion boxes as well as before and after class meetings chaired by the class teachers. Students will have a voice in the organising of some aspects of school life and in particular the school playtimes, etc.

Roles of the Officers


The Chairperson is responsible for presiding over meetings of the Council. The Chairperson, with the Secretary, prepares the agenda for each meeting and, where necessary, signs the minutes (see below) once they have been agreed by the Council. Where a vote is held at a Council meeting, and the votes are divided equally, the Chairperson generally has the casting vote. The Chairperson may also be designated to represent the Council at meetings with school management.

Deputy Chairperson

The Deputy Chairperson is responsible for assisting the Chairperson, and when the Chairperson is absent from a meeting s/he assumes the role of the Chairperson for that meeting.


The Secretary, with the Chairperson, prepares the agenda for each meeting and the Secretary then circulates it to all the members of the Council either in advance of the meeting or at the start of the meeting. This will involve consulting with the other Council officers in order to decide what will be included on the agenda. All agendas should include a provision for ‘Any other business’; this allows Council members to raise a matter for discussion in the event that it has not been included on the agenda. The Secretary also keeps a record of Council meetings and any decisions taken by the Council (the minutes). If necessary these minutes can be circulated to all members of the Council either with the agenda for the next meeting or at the start of the next meeting. The Council can be given the opportunity to make any changes to the minutes before they are signed by the Chairperson.


The Treasurer is responsible for managing any funds raised by the Student Council and should keep a complete account of all income and expenditure of the Council. Advice and assistance in this regard may be provided by school management or a teacher acting on its behalf. The Treasurer should provide the Council with a complete financial report at the end of the school year. Given the responsibility of the post, a Student Council may reasonably require the Treasurer to be a Senior student. All monies must be submitted to the office for banking.

Public Relations Officer

A Student Council may wish to appoint a Public Relations or Communications Officer or team with responsibility for promoting good communications between the Council and the student body as well as consulting with teachers, parents and school management on issues affecting the student body.

We’re very proud of our Student Council badges!

Where do the Student Council meet?

The Student Council meet in the resource area, once a month at lunchtime and occasionally from 1.30-2.30pm.

How do we keep in touch with the students?

We regularly speak at assembly, and we also make announcements every week in the yard.

Terms of reference

    • No individual student’s problems, whether of a personal, social or academic nature may be discussed.
    • No individual student’s dealings with teachers, disciplinary or otherwise may be discussed.
    • Staff members may not be discussed.
    • Parents may not be discussed.
    • The Student Council may not be used by any member to represent any perceived grievance of an individual student or group of students with respect to any teacher or with respect to the Code of Behaviour of the School
    • This is not a complaint or gossip forum nor is it a means of going against the core values of education or St Oliver’s Management.
    • Discussions lead to recommendations not decisions.  Proposals must be for the benefit of the school in general, they may or may not always be accepted.
    • At least one staff member must be present at each meeting.

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