Step 1 – Choose Invention

When Mrs McCusker told us that we were doing an Xperience Engineering Project we were really excited. As we had already done a project last year for the Xperience Engineering competition it was really good fun and we learned lots. We had to think long and hard but we had to decide on one. It was really difficult picking a   project. There was wind energy, Tidal Turbines, Bio energy, Hydrogen fuel cells, Tidal Energy Geothermal energy Wave energy and lots more.

We also had to do a project on all the renewable energies to see which one was interesting. You can download our powerpoint presentations and watch the videos of our presentations below.

Renewable Energy Projects

We decided to pick Tidal Energy. As one of our students dad was head Engineer and he had lots of information for us. Also we were soon to have a tour around the whole factory lucky us! We started looking up facts about Tidal Energy and found out it was a Environmentally friendly and didn’t use any fossil fuels. Open Hydro is made in Greenore   Co. Louth Ireland. This project was very hard to pick but we love a challenge!

Here is research that we did into OpenHydro and Tidal Energy on 27/01/11.

  • The Open Centre Turbines from Open Hydro are designed to be put on the under the sea on the seabed.
  • Every 12 hours the Tide moves due to the gravitation pull between the Earth’s  Sun and the Moon.
  • Tidal  streams are created by the changing pull of the moon and sun and the tidal turbines can capture this energy.
  • Tidal energy is renewable because the water is always moving. Whereas all fossil fuels will run out.
  • Fossil fuels release harmful chemicals into the environment, which will cause damage to the Earth, especially the Icecaps.
  • Thousands of wind turbines are planted on the bottom of the Irish seabeds to  make electricity.
  • At OpenHydro, they believe that a renewable solution will rely on wind, wave and solar energy.
  • OpenHydro is a technology business that designs and manufactures marine turbines to generate renewable energy.
  • They have recently announced major projects in both Europe and North America.
  • The OpenHydro marine turbine are silent and invisible from the sea surface.

By Elizabeth, Caitlin, Michelle and Jonah