Drop Life Cycle

The Life of a Rain Drop

by Aidan Ryan 3rd Class

 Hi my name is Billy Bob Joe. I live in the Atlantic Ocean. When I was a young drop I was just playing with my friends when Poof I felt a load of energy rush through me. I didn’t know what was happening but then I realised I was being evaporated.

I went into a big cloud. My friends and I got so heavy we shot though the sky as rain. I landed on someone’s hat. I was blown off into the mud. After about five minutes I soaked so far through the ground and I met a lot of new friends. They were so clean and happy and so was I, until some people built a well.

They were sending us to Japan. Luckily the bottle that I was in burst and I landed back where I started.

The Secret Life of A Drop

By Meav Bradley 4th Class

Hi. My name is Danny Drop. I am twelve years of age I  live in Carlingford Lough with my sister Dembi and my brother Dylan.

You might be wondering why I did not mention my Mum or Dad. Well you see when I was younger we were out swimming with my mum and dad .It was a nice day suddenly the sky became darker and my parents disappeared in the sky. They did not come back no matter how much we screamed.

Since then we have searched in vain for my parents.

 One day myself Dembi and Dylan went to see  Mr.Ation ,the rain drop who  knows everything.We  asked for his advice in the search for our parents .He told us to go and see his brother  Condens and  ask him.

We went to see Mr. Condens Ation. He told us that his sister Evapor had seen our parents  and that we should ask her.

So Dembi , Dylan and myself went to see Mrs Evapor Ation. We were so happy because Mrs Evapor Ation had recently seen our parents with her uncle Mr  Precipat. She told us to go urgently to her uncle. Off we went to see Mr Precipat Ation. He told that our parents had been looking for us for many years. He took us to the other side of the mountain suddenly we were  being turned into water vapour we raised up into a cloud and then rained down on the mountain. There waiting for us were Mummy and Daddy.They gave me, Dylan and Dembi a huge hug and told not to get lost again.

Every cloud has a silver lining!