Recreate Archimedes Screw

The Archimedes Screw

We made  Archimedes screws in groups

and our one worked out really well . I hope
it will work out really well for the other groups like mine did. Have a look at the pictures and videos that we made on this page.

Archimedes made this screw which was used to take the water from the Nile to water the land.
Objective:To re- create  a Archimedes screw.
Materials:hose or flexible tubing ,bottle ,two basins, water and duck tape.
1.Gather all the materials.
2.Ensure the lid is on the bottle.
3.Wrap the hose around the bottle and tape into place as per diagram.
4.Fill one basin with water.
5.Place the bottom  of the bottle in the basin of water and turn in the same direction of the tubing on the bottle.
Results:The water moves to the other basin.

Conclusion: As you turn the bottle around the water travels up the pipe and goes into the other basin.

By Cara and Jack

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